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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Promote Madurai as Industrial Hub!

As a Tier II city, Madurai was eminently placed to become a home for ITeS industry, provided the State government created a world-class IT Parks in association with private sector to cater to the infrastructure needs of ITeS, BPO and R&D companies. The Study identified that the availability of educated, trained labour force at competitive costs, the good work culture and the huge educational infrastructure were the strengths of Madurai to emerge as the knowledge gateway of Southern Tamilnadu.

Since, the city has a good social infrastructure and healthcare facilities, it could easily attract and retain talent from other places. The study also said that Madurai was well suited for biotechnology and medical plants research and cultivation. The government should speed up the construction of the Biotech Park to enable the biotechnology industry to source raw materials in a sustainable manner to provide value addition to scientifically tested herbal medicines.

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Though this is a old news, we feel it is still fresh!!



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