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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Call Taxi Service in Madurai - FastTrack Call Taxi - Bharathi - Friends Track - Supreme - Call Taxi Madurai

Call Taxi Service in Madurai

From just one service three years back, the city now has more than 15 call taxi operators, of which at least six dominate the trade. With growing patronage, the number of vehicles of each operator has also increased.

"It was a new concept in Madurai when it was introduced five years back. Our efforts to educate the people about the service are paying off. Now, the number of people availing the service is overwhelming. Though, we started out with only five vehicles, now more than 600 are affiliated to Fasttrack," says one Call Taxi Operator

More than 750 local pick-ups are handled daily by Fasttrack, whereas the second major player Friends track handles more than 300 local pick-ups. With the business increasing steadily, the number of cars in the fleet too has increased exponentially. While there were barely 200 call taxis in the fleet three years ago, 2,500 are available on the Madurai streets now. The franchisees say that they could not meet the number of calls from the public during festivals and holidays. With the available number of cars, however they try to serve as many customers as possible.


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